Friday, 22 February 2013

The Start of EBM Revival

hello world, this is terrorsekt, we are a band from brazil and canada, influenced by early ebm acts
to today's newest contributions to a scene still not accepted by the mainstream...thank god. We are
two people from diverse backgrounds but share the love of industrial, synthesizers and beer. Substage
Records is the label we are on and currently trying to put together some kinda of following as far as
remixers and listeners go, i am from canada but emerson felix is brazilian, I use to make high end vsti
synthesizers using synthmaker and synthedit, substage instruments....enter the beast, right now I'm
currently re-learning synthmaker because synthmaker you can export for macintosh where synthedit
is windows based at the moment, there is a difference, with synthedit you can make module in C++
where synthmaker you only have what is shipped in the box. in that sense when i make my new synth
the first being a synth for a big name company i won't mention here, will have unison with three oscillators and it will have a 12db and a 24db filter but it will mimic other functions from my favourite synthesizers.
Here in canada we don't have too too much cool synthesizers floating around second hand stores but
i have bought a korg ms2000 once, now i want to sell it but maybe i keep it, Terrorsekt is well underwraps for a new sound from the sounds we created originally. I have many of riffs and songs to make music from, we just need distribution and stuff for our label which is brazillian based substage records with a few things coming our way. here is our music.